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Surat – The Diamond City, Textile City, Green City

Welcome to the City of Gardens so rightly called Surat. If you are someone on a tour to Surat then you will find this site to be very useful. Even if you are a Surti or someone who is familiar with a city, you will find many suprising stories and places you weren’t aware of.

You can find all important places and contacts listed in the posts below.

If you are a foodie then as surtilalas are called “mojila” and jalsa manas, you will find variety of foods from local made snacks to global franchises.

Surat Municipal Corporation takes care of the city infrastructure, development, cleanliness and maintenance. SMC is fully operational in construction and maintenance of public gardens, libraries, fly over bridges, community halls and many others.

We gather details about the upcoming events in the city and publish the happenings of such events.

Daily news sections provides you an update about the day to day happenings in the city from all walks of life, including education, cleanliness, politics, city development, events, incidents and so on.

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